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Old Time Music

Kate Mikle

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Older music bands like Green Day, Pink Floyd, and No Doubt aren’t always known by kids. However, a boy at Landrum Middle School named Christian Carvin-Jones loves Aerosmith. Some kids have music influenced them by their parents, but Christian was affected by the Rockin Roller Coaster in Disney. He said, “They have exciting, interesting songs.” His favorite song is “Rock This Way” which is on the rollercoaster. Even though Disney influenced him, Angela Aava was influenced by her parents, especially by her father. He tells her to listen to singers like Bob Marley and Michael Jackson. Parents and Grandparents are mostly the ones who influence music. Gray DeMolet listens to the Beatles. His mom influences music, but he found some older songs on the radio and started listening to them. Many kids in middle school know of older bands and singers but have never listened to them. Ocean Medlock knows of bands like Green Day and The Jackson Five but never listens to them even though her dad suggests it. Many kids choose not to listen to these songs even though they might be great. However, she loves Bob Marley’s music. She stated that “His style is very different and soothing and relaxing.” Her dad listens to music while doing everything and that influenced her. Taylor Brown loves singers like Jack Johnston, but she also likes Prince. Her favorite song is a very popular song, Purple Rain. She thinks his music is unique and original. Another fan of Prince is a Landrum Middle School parent Mikhael Mikle, and she thinks he is magnificent. She believes, “He is a musical genius.” She is also a big fan of James Taylor. She talked about his songs being very relaxing, soothing, and relatable. James Taylor had a very tough and hard life, and his songs aren’t always happy, but she thinks that is what makes it relatable. She also feels that kids should listen to older music more so that they could compare it to today’s current music. When she was growing up she always had music playing in her house but, Justin Mikle found his favorite music on his own. He grew up only listening to music on the radio. However, whenever he found music, he liked he would go by the bands CD’s even if they were a group from ten years ago. He heard Led Zeppelin on the radio and bought their albums and their past albums if he liked them. His all-time favorite band when he was growing up was the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He loves their songs because they have many different emotions and stories. Music is loved by many, but some don’t listen to older music from the past. Many kids know of bands but don’t listen to them. However, many also love and appreciate music from the past or from when they were growing up!

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Old Time Music