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Stranger Things – Season 2

Ocean Medlock

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Sure, there is Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars, and Grey’s Anatomy but recently “Stranger Things 2” came out. Season one of “Stranger Things” was the most streamed show of last year and it was filled with horror, thriller, 1980’s pop culture, and compelling characters. If people like season one so much it was time to figure out if people liked season two just as much or even better. In 7th grade, Ava Poole said, “I love the thriller and horror,” In 7th grade, Sunny Day said, “I love the anticipation of what’s going to happen next,” in 7th grade, Kate Mikle stated, “Season 2 is very creative and suspenseful, and I like the effects and originality of the tv show.” In 7th grade, Zeta Washington said, “It is thrilling and interesting,” In 7th grade, Iulia Brianu said, “It’s really interesting.” Landrum Middle School’s head maintenance supervisor Mr. Butler said, “The show reminds me of when I was a kid, I think it’s very similar to the “Goonies, ” and I also like the décor and games that are played in the show.” In 6th grade, Sophia Cenerpiea said, “I like to see what happens to the characters.” In 6th grade, Olivia Demaio said, “I like the new characters in the show,” In 7th grade, Paige Macko said, “It’s very different, and I like the fiction” In 7th grade, Emmery Harrington said, “It’s really interesting.” In 6th grade, Sophia Hakim said, “I like the second season because it is scarier,” 7th grade Will Mathis said, “I liked it because it was very entertaining. Most people at Landrum Middle School thought the second season was thrilling, engaging, and filled with horror. It’s safe to say people enjoyed the second season and are ready for the third season. Now that you have read this are you up for watching the second season?

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Stranger Things – Season 2